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The Reformation Church played an important role in the formation of the Christian religion as such. Thus, it is significant to understand various religious phenomena and It will not only help to be more competent in matters of religion, but also by engaging and their materials, learn cultural points.

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Richard Baxter - 22 sermons

(1615 - 1691) An English Puritan, nonconformist, author, poet, theologian and pastor. He viewed himself chiefly as a pastor but was a prolific writer and zealous evangelist, as his ministry at Kidderminster reveals. His most well known works are The Saints' Everlasting Rest and the massive Christian Directory. His Reformed Pastor is a neglected classic.

John Calvin - 25 sermons

(1509 - 1564) Beloved by some; hated by others. Always a controversial figure but noted for his genius and inescapable influence. His most well known work is The Institutes of the Christian Religion. Most people, unfortunately, have never encountered his sermons, which show his pastoral side. Spend time getting to know Calvin the pastor; it is well worth it.

Stephen Charnock - 3 sermons

(1628 1680) Known primarily through works published posthumously; his Discourses upon the Existence of God are his chief contribution to Puritan theological writings.

Jonathan Edwards - 43 sermons

(1703 1758) Sacred and secular scholars agree that Edwards is one of the most important intellectual figures in American history, both for this theological and philosophical works. Well known is his sermon, Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, however he also preached 16 excellent sermons on charity (love) based on 1 Corinthians 13.

John Flavel - 19 sermons

(c.1627 1691) Flavel was a prolific and popular author in his day, though he is far less known today. Collections of his works were reprinted in 1673, 1701, 1764 and 1797. You can find most of his works for free online without too much trouble.

Thomas Goodwin - 7 sermons

(1600 - 1680) Known as 'the Elder.' He was an English Puritan, author, preacher, pastor and an Independent and member of the Westminster Assembly. He also served as chaplain to Oliver Cromwell. His works are mostly sermons, which span five volumes, were reprinted no less than 47 times!

William Guthrie - 17 sermons

(1620 - 1665) Known primarily for his book on assurance, The Christian's Great Interest. He was well known in his day for the extraordinary lengths he would go to get people to attend church so they would hear the Word preached. He was well known and beloved in Scotland.

Christopher Love - 5 sermons

(1618 - 1651) Christopher Love was a Presbyterian minister and author. He was executed for high treason by the government, leaving five children behind. His most important works include Heaven's Glory, Hell's Terror and Treatise on Effectual Calling.

Martin Luther - 26 sermons

(1483 - 1546) Luther, a man who needs no introduction, was used by God in ways that few can lay claim to. He was instrumental in opposing the Roman Catholic Church and marking the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. His books and sermons are voluminous, but his work related to justification by faith is arguably his most important contribution to the church.

John Owen - 30 sermons

(1616 - 1683) It is not a stretch to say that Owen may have possessed the greatest theological mind of the Reformation, certainly of England. Known as the Prince of the Puritans, Owen's works are weighty and wonderful. The Glory of Christ is perhaps his best and most practical contribution to Reformed thought.

J.C. Ryle - 47 sermons

(1816 - 1900) A writer, pastor and theologian. He is always practical and piercing, his style is decidedly pastoral with a warm, thoughtful tone. A very good place to start.

Charles Spurgeon - 32 sermons

(1834 - 1892) Spurgeon is beloved by Arminians and Calvinists alike, though many people do not even realize he was a Calvinist. Perhaps the most well known Particular Baptist in history. His preaching is energetic, convicting, and second to none.

Thomas Watson - 9 sermons

(1620 - 1686) Watson was one of the few Puritan ministers to oppose the beheading of Charles I, and was even imprisoned for his role in attempting to reestablish the monarchy. One of his best and most well known works is A Body of Divnity, a collection of sermons on the Westminster catechism.

George Whitefield - 38 sermons

(1714 - 1770) Perhaps the most spellbinding preacher to ever set foot on American soil, Whitfield often preached to crowds numbering in the thousands. He was ordained in the Anglican church and was a convinced Calvinist. His only surviving works are his sermons.

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